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We used the Agia Napa car parking behind Hard Rock Cafe on the evening of Aug 25th and parked on the second floor - parking spot 53. We were advised by the parking attendant on site to leave on departure from the top of the parking construction as that would have been easier given the parking’s one-way system. In doing so at 11pm that night, we left through the exit on the top floor following round on the ramp and the walls. As we came out to the top, we were confronted with an orange rubbish skip for the construction site. As the wall ended when we came out, we made adjustments to the car’s positioning so as to avoid the skip as the car path appears far too narrow to allow the car to pass the skip unharmed. We adjusted the car’s positioning to give more room on the left hand site for which reason we then consequently scrapped the car’s left hand side across a very low wall which was out of view of all car mirrors. This resulted in considerable damage to both our left hand side car doors. This could have been prevented if there had been better lighting, posts which continued at a high level on top of the low wall and had there not been a construction skip there in the middle of the night. There were no signs indicating the low wall or alerting us to construction possibly contributing to the accident that occurred. We later discovered that a second vehicle experienced exactly the same accident at the same point for the same reason that night. A third accident was only prevented when we notified other drivers to not leave the parking via the roof. Find attached supporting documents: our car parking ticket, two pictures of the two car damages (for which we require compensation for all damages) and a video explaining what happened (taken at the site the following day). Should the video not upload, we can send it through via email. All of this could have been avoided with simple post installation at a suitable height for driver to see or a sign. Our car damages will have to be paid for by the council. We are happy to provide a garage quote and our card details for the refund.


Μονοπέτρας, Αγ. Νάπα, Κύπρος

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