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Further to our conversation today

I went to Ayia Thekla beach at 8am Tuesday morning for a swim, next to the big hotel being built, I put my cloths and towels next to a sunbed (not on it) and as I had my car keys I buried them in sand under my towel so no one could steal them.
The beach was totally empty, as I was returning from my swim I saw a large guy with no shirt or uniform on taking my cloths and shoes and throwing them at back of beach, I approached him and explained they where marking where I buried my keys, we got into a heated argument so I left the beach to go to my car so the situation would carm down, but the guy followed me shouting abuse, he came to my car where I was changing and attacked me by pushing me over (assault) I have badly hurt my right knee. He then said I got your car registration and he will be coming to get me. He then started to bang violently on my window as I drove off.
When I go for a swim at 8am I do not expect to be attacked by a government worker with no uniform.
Please take this complaint seriously or I will report to the local police that I was assaulted.



Melinas Merkouri Street, X2R7+WJ6, Ayia Napa 5330, Κύπρος

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